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Here’s Why Jordan Poole’s Dad Anthony Called Draymond Green Soft and Challenged Him to a Fight

The NBA offseason is heating up, and not just because of the free agency and trade rumors. A feud between two Golden State Warriors former teammates has erupted on social media, involving their families and a former rival.

Why Does Jordan Poole’s Dad Want to Fight Draymond Green?

Jordan Poole, the young guard who had an up and down final season with the Warriors, is caught in the middle of a conflict between his father, Anthony Poole, and his former teammate, Draymond Green. The drama started when Green appeared as a guest on Patrick Beverley’s podcast, “The Pat Bev Show”, where he talked about the infamous knockout punch.

Green claimed that he “doesn’t just hit people”, and that his anger has to build up over time before his trigger is pushed. He then added “there’s some things you just don’t say amongst men”, but didn’t elaborate on what he meant by that.

He did not specify what Poole said to him, but he insinuated it must have been very disrespectful. Green’s comments did not sit well with Poole’s father, who took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

In a viral tweet, Anthony Poole aka @apoole98 called Green “soft” and the B-word. He accused him of avoiding him all through the season, and never apologizing to him or Poole’s mom. He also challenged him to a fight, saying “he lame and me and him can meet anytime he want”.

The tweet quickly gained attention from NBA fans and media, who were shocked by the harsh words from Poole’s dad. It’s not often you see an NBA players dad this heated on social media. Poole himself has not commented on the situation publicly, but we all know how he probably feels about this right now. He showed some signs of still having feelings of resentment during the playoffs.

Here's Why Jordan Poole's Dad Anthony Called Draymond Green Soft and Challenged Him to a Fight
Jordan Poole’s Dad Wants All the Smoke with Draymond Green

Was it a mistake for Green to ruffle feathers around that situation again? Who would win a fight between him and Jordan Poole’s dad? Would old man strength trump NBA strength?

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