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Does Jordan Poole Pushing Draymond Green on Warriors Bench During Game 6 Loss to Kings Mean They are Beefing Again?

The Warriors’ season is close to coming to an end after a disappointing Game 6 loss to the Kings on Friday night, but the drama did not stop there. A video clip captured by a fan showed Jordan Poole pushing Draymond Green while he was walking back to the bench during a timeout in the fourth quarter.

Why Did Jordan Poole Push Draymond Green?

Based on the shocking footage it appeared that Green was trying to say something to Poole, who was struggling all game, but Poole pushed him away before he could. Stephen Curry, who was nearby, seemed to try to telling Poole to calm down and focus on the game, but Poole seemed frustrated and angry.

This incident has reminded many fans of the video that leaked from a Warriors practice at the beginning of the season, where Green knocked out Poole with a sucker punch after a heated argument. The Warriors said at the time that it was an isolated incident, and that the two players had resolved their issues, but some sources suggested that there was still bad blood between them.

Now, some people are wondering if Green and Poole are beefing again, and if their relationship has affected the team’s chemistry and performance. The Warriors have struggled to find consistency and cohesion this season, despite having a talented roster led by Curry. Their main Achilles heel has been winning on the road, and now they face a Game 7 in Kings’ arena. The tense situation between Poole and Green has many people convinced that Warriors are imploding.

The Warriors have not commented on the latest video yet, so it might not be a big deal in their locker room. However, from the outside looking in it seems that Jordan Poole might be tired of pretending to be on good terms with a man who could have serisouly injured him, or ended his career with a dangerous haymaker punch.

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