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Conor McGregor Me Too’d? Irish Woman Accuses Conor McGregor of Rape and Providing Cocaine A Few Days Before UFC 257

Is Conor McGregor getting Me Too’d? An Irish woman is accusing Conor McGregor of rape and providing cocaine drugs only a few days before UFC 257. According to her claims Conor McGregor raped the Irish woman at a Dublin Penthouse hotel in 2018, and the alleged details she gave are horrifying.

The incident first started when the woman claims Conor McGregor offered her cocaine, which she didn’t partake in. When the woman refused to give top to Conor McGregor she allegedly bit him several times after he forced himself upon her, and removed her clothes against her will. It’s alleged Conor McGregor then grabbed her by her throat and lifted her off the ground, then raped her.


One strange thing about this case is the Irish woman isn’t pursuing criminal charges against Conor McGregor, she only wants money from him. Reports say she is seeking over $2 Million dollars from Conor McGregor.

It’s reported that Conor McGregor’s team is insinuating this a money grab, and that the truth will show that he is actually innocent. It remains to be seen if this will affect McGregor’s performance at UFC 257

Author: JordanThrilla

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