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Miles Bridges Dunks on Clint Capela Like Vince Carter Dunked on Alonzo Mourning

Miles Bridges threw down dunk of the year during Hornets vs Hawks, and he paid homage to the greatest dunker of all time Vince Carter. During this incident Miles Bridges dunked on Clint Capela with ferocious intensity.

The play began with Terry Rozier challenging Hawks center, but barely missing a layup attempt. Hornets hustled to recover the lose ball, setting up what would be a highlight of the year. Then it happened, Miles Bridge gained momentum from the three point line and sent Clint Capela to basketball hell.

Here is Vince Cater dunking on Alonzo Mourning. Notice how the play was setup the same way Miles Bridges dunked on Clint Capela.

Even with LaMelo Ball out Hornets have been able to hold on to their playoff spot with help of consistently playing hard. Plays like these that happened off second chance points are great example of that.

Clint Capela will never forget Miles Bridges even after he retires from the NBA.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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