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LGBTQ and Feminists Are Cancelling DMX Over Controversial Lyrics from Past Songs

LGBTQ and Feminists want to cancel DMX over controversial lyrics from his past music. The two songs they are focusing on are “X is coming” and “Where the Hood At”.

Why Are Feminists Angry about DMX’s song “X is Coming”?

In the song “X is coming” it appears DMX talks about raping an underage woman. In the lyrics DMX says, “And if you got a daughter older than 15, I’ma rape her. Take her on the living room floor, right there in front of you. Then ask you seriously, what you wanna do?”. He was describing how he would get revenge on an enemy. It’s easy see why feminists want to cancel DMX over those lyrics, but something still seems off.

Why is LGBTQ community Angry About DMX’s Song “Where the Hood at”?

In the song “Where the hood at” DMX makes homophobic comments. In the lyrics DMX says, “Last I heard ya’ll n***** was having $ex with the same $ex. I show no love to home thugs. How you gonna explain f****** a man”. It’s easy to see why the LGBTQ community wants to cancel DMX for disparaging gay men, but again something still seems off.

The big issue here is not the fact that Feminists and LGBTQ community activists are cancelling DMX, it’s the timing of it. Why would you wait until someone passes away to attempt tarnishing their name? “X is Coming” was released in 1998 and “Where the Hood At” was released in 2003, he was a much younger man then. This makes it seem more like a smear campaign than trying to bring light on controversial music.

Sure his music wasn’t perfect in terms of the topics, but it was clear DMX lived a different lifestyle than what he portrayed in his earlier music at the time of his passing.

He even found a new connection with God, and became religious.

It seems like every time a black superstar passes away, and the black community shows them an unconditional outpouring of love, one group or another tries to tarnish that person’s name. We saw the same thing happen with Kobe Bryant.

Rest in peace DMX.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff