Young Thug is currently still locked up behind bars facing a myriad of RICO charges, but after a recent court hearing he is trending once again. We’ve all seen crazy things happen during court sessions in the past, but what went on this situation might be one of the most unexpected so far.

Did ‘CCP Thugs’ Discord Group Hack Young Thug RICO Court Hearing with a Gay Adult Film Video?

According to reports ‘CCP Thugs’ is allegedly discord group that hacks into Zoom meetings and public events that us computer monitors then does things like playing adult films before uploading the clips to social media for people to laugh at. While it’s not confirmed people are saying they were behind the recent incident where a gay adult film started playing during Young Thug’s RICO court hearing that got hacked. People in the court room panicked as they tried to remove the film from the computer screen, but they were having trouble. Take a look at the viral footage.

Naturally social media has gotten quite the laugh from the situation as clips of the footage have amassed millions of views on various platforms.

It’s not clear if the gay adult film playing during Young Thug’s RICO court hearing was meant to reference all the allegations about his $exual preferences, but as you can tell in the video he definitely seemed a bit annoyed about the footage playing on the computer.

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