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What Caused Young Boxer Frank Varey to Die at Age 16? Here are Details on Frank Varey Cause of Death

Sad news has hit the international boxing world that the superstar young boxer Frank Varey is dead. Due to his young age of 16, many questions are being asked about how Frank Varey died. He was touted to be the next great boxer in the making.

What Was Young Boxer Frank Varey Cause of Death?

At the moment details around the death of Frank Varey are scarce, because his family hasn’t officially released any information about whether it was of natural causes, or some kind of tragic accident. However, there is a rumor that Frank Varey drowned to death, but it’s not confirmed. On social media boxing legends such as Tyson Fury have reacted to his passing by paying homage to his incredible talent. Fury said Frank Varey would have been a future boxing champion for sure.

Young Boxer Frank Varey Leaves Behind a Legendary Legacy in Boxing

Frank Varey’s talent in the boxing ring was recognized by people around the world after he dominated his competition for a very long stretch of time. During a 5 year period from 2015 to 2019, he won every national championship tournament he competed in. The young boxer was aged beyond his years in having a great feel for what it takes to win a boxing match.

In the boxing world most people recognized that Frank Varey was a true one of one. In many videos you could see he had the work ethic and training regimen of a veteran in the sport. Despite his young age of 16 he listened to his coaches, paid attention to the small intricacies of his craft, and welcomed criticism to help improve his weaknesses. That hard work showed in the ring as he dominated his competition at every tournament. It’s so sad that the story of his career potentially ended with Frank Varey drowning to death.

As superstar boxer Price said in his tribute to the young legend, “rest easy champ”.

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