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Did Lit Yoshi Try to Kill NBA Meechy Baby for Snitching on Him?

Did Lit Yoshi try to kill NBA Meechy Baby for snitching? Is NBA Meechy Baby working with FEDS? By now you have probably heard the news that Lit Yoshi and Fredo Bang were arrested by FEDS in Miami after their house was raided.

Lit Yoshi was free on $1.8 Million bond before he was hit the new charges today in connection with another shooting. New details about the shooting allege that NBA Youngboy’s crew member Meechy Baby was the target, and agreed to testify against Lit Yoshi in court.

According to reports FEDS allege that Lit Yoshi put a hit on NBA Meechy Baby. On the day of the shooting he was sitting in a car at Slidell Apartment complex when he was met with gunfire. NBA Meechy Baby wasn’t hit by any of the bullets, and survived.

FEDS believe Lit Yoshi wanted NBA Meechy dead, because he learned that he had agreed to snitch on him. FEDS used an IG video Lit Yoshi posted calling NBA Meechy Baby a “snitch” as evidence against him. Take a look at the video below.

It looks like Lit Yoshi was telling the truth about NBA Meechy in this video if the reports are true. Some people think that Lit Yoshi snitched on himself by posting this video back then.

Lit Yoshi aka Mieyoshi Edwards was already battling first degree murder charges, which was the reason he moved to Florida with Fredo Bang after posting the $1.8 Million bond. Reports say FEDS raided their house with smoke bombs and assault rifles, which some officials believe may have been overly excessive considering the circumstances.

With the revelation that NBA Youngboy’s crew member NBA Meechy Baby snitched on Lit Yoshi it could change how fans perceive their rap images.

It’s ironic that the FEDS used Lit Yoshi’s IG Live video calling NBA Meechy Baby snitch to pin the attempted murder charges on him. It must feel like the matrix to be in court watching videos of yourself being used in attempt to convict you for a crime.

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