Fulton County just got a bit safer for celebrities after a massive indictment based on evidence stretching back almost 7 years. Over the past several years a group called the ‘Drug Rich Gang’ has allegedly been wreaking havoc on both ends of Fulton County. Now FEDS have finally caught the leaders responsible, and Fulton County DA Fani Willis had some advice for rappers while detailing the findings of their investigation.

Fani Willis Fulton County DA Talks ‘Drug Rich Gang’ Indictment and Why They Targeted Celebrities Including Future’s Baby Mama Brittni Mealy, Marlo Hampton, Brad Guzan, Calvin Ridley, and More

The ‘Drug Rich Gang’ was a unique hybrid gang with members from the Crips, Bloods, and Gangster Disciples. According to police reports the group was formed back in 2016 in Dekalb County, and operates out the Stone Mountain and Tucker area. They allegedly use prescription bottles and money as symbols for their gang, which can be seen on their jewelry and tattoos. According to Fani Willis an investigation led by Detective Needham and Detective Davidson of the Sandy Springs Police department identified 16 victims of the Drug Rich Gang, which led to arrest of 26 members.

The first incident involving the group that police became aware of was a 2018 carjacking attempt, and their most recent incident happened earlier this month. According to police reports the Drug Rich Gang targeted celebrities who flaunted their wealth on social media. The list of Drug Rich Gang’s celebrity targets included Future’s baby mana Brittni Mealy, Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton, goalkeeper for Atlanta United Brad Guzan, and NFL wide receiver for Calvin Ridley.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis Warned Rappers About Self Snitching Amidst Drug Rich Gang Indictment

With taste victory from the Drug Rich Gang indictment still fresh, Fani Willis had some advice for rappers. Apparently some the evidence used to indict the Drug Rich Gang members came from their own music. She gave an example of how Drug Rich Gang snitched on themselves citing lyrics from their song that said, “Me and my crew striking in all black. Send me the drop we’ll kick in the house. If we steal a car we are going to take off the tag”. The Fulton County DA told rappers to stop confessing crimes in their lyrics, because it essentially puts a target on their back. Fani Willis is the DA that indicted Young Thug, and we all know now they snitched on themselves in various songs according to court documents.

It seems law enforcement in the Atlanta area is not playing games when it comes to these cases involving gangs. They have been handing out RICO charges like candy over the the past few months. In almost every instance there has been some form of self snitching involved, and that trend appears to have continued in the Drug Rich Gang indictment. This situation also goes to show the dangers of showing off your wealth on social media too much.

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