Tekashi 6IX9INE Ex-Girlfriend Jade Gets Her Tekashi69 Face Tattoo Covered with a Fish

The saga of Tekashi 6IX9INE and OhYouSoJade has officially come to an end by way of ink. A viral video shows Tekashi69’s ex-girlfriend Jade got her Tekashi 6IX9INE tattoo covered with a fish.

That tattoo in question was a picture of two of his faces side by side. One on her upper left chest area, and the other near the top of her shoulder. This explains why the tattoo had to be so big.

The finishing result looked very well done, thanks to the brilliant work of SOHO ink.

Why Did Tekashi 6IX9INE breakup with Jade?

The story behind the breakup is that Tekashi69 found out Jade cheated on him while he was in prison. He announced their breakup on Instagram, and revealed the reason behind it.

Now the speculation begins on which woman will be brave enough to date Tekashi69. The amount of negative attention he brings has to be stressful.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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