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Did Tyga Apologize to a Racist on Power 106 LA? American Cholo’s Racist N-Word Rant Leaks After Tyga Ay Caramba Apology

Recently Tyga was caught in controversy after releasing a strange music video the Mexican community found racist, and generally offensive. While Tyga may have thought he was just having fun making a Ludacris style music video, he chose the wrong kind of imagery that led to a large portion of his fanbase feeling offended. To quell the situation Tyga apologized on Power 106 LA, but the person he apologized to sparked a racial controversy of its own.

Did Tyga Apologize to a Racist on Power 106 LA? Video Showing American Cholo’s Racist N-Word Racial Slur Rant Leaks After Tyga Ay Caramba Apology

Recently Tyga released a video called ‘Ay Caramba’, which was seemingly full of Mexican stereotypes. For example he dressed up in a fat suit, and pretended he ate tortilla chips with dip all day long. Also he had Tortilla chips falling the from sky throughout the video. On the surface it was easy to see why Mexican people felt the video was making fun of their culture. As result the Mexican people accused Tyga of cultural appropriation.

The situation took an unexpected turn when Tyga appeared on Power 106 LA to apologize to his Mexican fans for the video. He explained that he never meant for the video to be offensive, because he’s aware a large portion of his audience at concerts, and in general are of Mexican descent. His apology seemed sincere, but what was strange is that the person he apologized to has a racist history of his own.

As you’ll see Tyga’s Ay Caramba apology was made to a man named American Cholo. Shortly after Tyga’s Ay Caramba apology went viral, old footage surfaced of American Cholo’s racist rant using the N-word racial slur, and calling black people ‘ghetto coons’. After witnessing the video many people on social media thought Tyga apologized to a racist man on Power 106 LA, which is ironic considering what he was apologizing for.

The Ay Caramba video below is what sparked Tyga’s apology on Power 106 LA. Some people believe that he was just trying to pay homage to Mexican culture in a comedic fashion, but it backfired completely.


It’s not often you see a black man apologizing to a racist after being accused of making a racist video. In fact that’s probably never been seen before in the hip-hop world. It’s almost like a glitch in the hip-hop matrix.

Tyga definitely needed to apologize to the Mexican community, and American Cholo definitely needs to make an apology of his own to the black community. The video showing his racist rant sounds intentionally racist, while Tyga’s situation was never meant to offend anyone.

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