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A Conspiracy Theory About the Hidden Message in ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ May Be the Best Explanation of the Real Meaning Behind the Movie’s Plot

“They Cloned Tyrone” is a Netflix movie starring Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teyonah Parris, that follows a trio of unlikely heroes who uncover a sinister plot involving cloning, mind control, and racism in their neighborhood. The movie is a mix of comedy, action, and sci-fi, but some conspiracy theorists believe that there is a deeper and darker message hidden in the film.

The Hidden Message in “They Clone Tyrone”: A Conspiracy Theory About the Real Meaning of the Movie

According to some conspiracy theorists, the movie has nothing to do with Jamie Foxx’s character being cloned, but rather the message is “You are the clone”. By that, they mean that the movie is trying to send a message that in real life, drug dealers, gangsters, pimps, prostitutes, etc. are clones in that they are usually carbon copies of the same stereotypes placed in black neighborhoods across the country by design.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the movie is sending a message that the powers that be in society promote these stereotypes to create a self-destructive world of clones in black neighborhoods who can’t see past their own “block” or “hood”, because they have been systematically programmed to be short-sighted.

The theory is that this inhibits the victim from seeing the big picture, which is that the government has created their personality for them, making them theoretical clones of the same people that destroyed their neighborhood, which creates a never-ending cycle of destruction.

The conspiracy theorists also believe that the movie is trying to explain that the powers that be in society allow drug dealers to thrive in black neighborhoods, because they know it will keep the property values low, and prevent white people from living in those areas, which creates a perfect place for them to experiment with mind control techniques on predominantly black communities.

The conspiracy theorists argue that the movie is not just entertainment, but a warning and a wake-up call for black people to break free from their clone mentality and reclaim their identity and power. They urge people to watch the movie with an open mind and question everything they see and hear. As we wrote in another article, this is part of the reason why some people are calling it “the most woke movie of all time”.

If you have already seen the movie re-watch, but keep in mind the “You are the clone” conspiracy theory behind it’s message. It may change your perspective of the movie’s plot, and what it really means if it went over your head the first time.

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