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Comedian Gets Attacked by Heckler For Calling Him a ‘Snitch’ During Show in Viral Video

Comedian Johnny Mitchell is no stranger to controversy. The former drug dealer turned stand-up comic has made a name for himself with his dark and edgy humor, often poking fun at sensitive topics like race, $ex, and crime. However, one of his jokes may have gone too far, as he was attacked on stage by an angry audience member who took offense at being called a snitch.

The incident allegedly happened at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, where Mitchell was performing as part of a showcase of rising comedians. According to witnesses, Mitchell was doing his usual routine of roasting the crowd, when he singled out a man sitting in the front row who was wearing a hoodie.

Mitchell joked that the man looked like a snitch who would rat out his friends to the police, and said he looked like he had been “f***** in every hole”. The man did not seem amused by the jokes. As Mitchell was talking about how he spent two years in prison he told the heckler, “I’m way more gangster than you. You snitched that’s how you got out”. That’s when all hell broke lose, and things went from 0 to 100 real quick, word to Drake. To be fair the heckler did threaten to dangle Mitchell off the roof like Suge Knight.

The man then got up from his seat and walked towards the stage snatched Mitchell right off. The sound effect of something metal hitting the ground during the commotion was a bit funny. Security guards quickly intervened and separated the two men, as the crowd was left stunned, but entertained by the commotion. According to reports Mitchell was not seriously injured by the attack. The man who hemmed him up was allegedly a 25 year old LA resident.

Mitchell is not the first comedian to be attacked on stage by an angry audience member. In May 2022, Dave Chappelle was allegedly tackled by a man during his show at The Hollywood Palladium, as part of the Netflix Is A Joke festival. The man was later charged with battery and trespassing.

Comedians are known for pushing the boundaries of humor and provoking reactions from their audiences, but sometimes they may cross the line and trigger violent responses. While some may argue that comedy is a form of free speech and expression, others may claim that comedy has its limits and responsibilities.

What do you think? Was Mitchell’s joke funny or offensive? Was the attack justified or excessive? Should comedians be more careful about what they say on stage, or should audiences be more tolerant of different types of humor? Ironically many people feel the man proved he was a snitch by reacting the way he did to being called one.

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