Pooh Shiesty Blocks Transgender Woman Nicki P On IG After Threats to Release a Trans with Pooh Shiesty $extape Video With His Face Showing

The transgender woman who goes by only1nickip on IG is on a mission to prove Pooh Shiesty is gay. In the latest development of this saga, Pooh Shiesty blocked the transgender woman Nicki P on Instagram. It’s alleged there is a transgender woman Pooh Shiesty $ex tape video with his face showing, and only1nickip might release it to prove there is truth about their intimate relationship. The trans woman also revealed details of when she allegedly met Pooh Shiesty, and how long their alleged secret relationship has been going.

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The Alleged Story To How Pooh Shiesty Hooked Up with a Transgender Woman Named Nicki P

According to the transgender woman’s testimony the relationship with Pooh Shiesty started 6 months ago. He has allegedly been meeting this trans woman several times a month at various hotels, and would allowed their time together to be recorded. The trans woman is confused as to why he’s acting like they don’t know each other after she made one of their videos public. The question of if Pooh Shiesty smashed the transgender woman was answered as Nicki P claims they did make love. The trans woman accused Pooh Shiesty of living a lie for his fans, and urged him to live his truth instead.

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Is this definitive proof that Pooh Shiesty is gay? Take a look at some of the thing his trans accuser posted.

Pooh Shiesty Blocks Transgender Woman Nicki P On IG After Threats to Release a Transgender Pooh Shiesty $extape With His Face Showing
Pooh Shiesty Blocks Transgender Woman Nicki P On IG After Threats to Release a Transgender Pooh Shiesty $extape With His Face Showing

This was the alleged video of Pooh Shiesty in bed with transgender woman that got this whole debacle started. The person in the video has the same arm tattoos and chains that Pooh Shiesty has.

Is this trans woman looking for clout, or is this situation the real deal? Somewhere Pooh might be sweating bullets, because if this transgender woman releases another video with Pooh Shiesty’s face showing it would be hard say the person is lying.

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If Pooh Shiesty is gay he might as well come out the closet at this point, because this trans woman is on mission to force him out the closet. He needs to respond back with some concrete evidence proving the trans lady is lying to truly clear his name.

It’s still almost unreal to think that Pooh Shiesty’s career could be on the ropes due possibly smashing a transgender woman on the low. In history there are very few rappers that survived allegations like this from a public perception standpoint.

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However, this situation happened just at the moment that he was truly turning into a mainstream superstar, which could be a sign that the trans woman is clout chasing. The evidence is compelling though.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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