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Video: Massive Street Fight at Miami Beach Spring Break Between Women Blocks Traffic on Busy Road

Miami Beach Spring break is shaping up to be one of the craziest weeks ever, and that trend continued brazen brawl caught on video. A massive street fight at Miami Beach Spring Break between a group of women blocked traffic on a busy road.

Setting the Scene of the Massive Street Brawl Between Women at Miami Beach Spring Break

This wasn’t a normal brawl, the footage shows hair being pulled, people being stomped out, people getting thrown into cars, this looked like a WWE event in real life. It was the middle of the night and some of these women were laid out in the middle of street in danger of getting run over. You could hear cars honking their horns to no avail as these women just getting battling each other.

The strangest thing about this fight is that there was not one police officer in sight.

The saddest part are the people cheering it on and recording instead of trying to break it up. You could here one man saying “beat that b**** a**” over and over again.

What Caused the Massive Brawl at Miami Beach Spring Break Between Women?

At the moment there are no details on what led to this fight between these women. One rumor on social media is that it may have been gang related. However, you could briefly hear one lady involved saying “What you say about my mama”, so perhaps someone made a disrespectful remark that set things off. Whatever the motive was behind it these ladies were really trying to end each other.

It’s always sad to see stuff like this happening between grown women or men. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt.

Stay safe if you are out there in Miami Beach right now.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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