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The Way TikToker Beasteater Got a Chemical Burn Destroying Her Face is Sending Fear Through the Cosmetic Community

Social media influencers are the new celebrities, so maintaining a picture-perfect appearance is often a key part of the job. But life, as we all know, is full of unexpected twists and turns. This reality hit home for the popular TikToker Beasteater, also known as Stephanie Margarucci, when she experienced a shocking incident that significantly impacted her appearance.

What Happened to Beasteater’s Face?

Recently Beasteater’s followers were taken aback when they noticed a drastic change in her appearance. Her usually radiant face was marred by dark marks and evident skin peeling. Concerned comments flooded in, and Beasteater, known for her transparency, decided to address the situation head-on.

In a TikTok video posted on March 24, Beasteater, with her characteristic humor, jokingly explained that she had harmed her face by jumping into a vat of acid. But the truth was far less dramatic, yet equally alarming.

Beasteater had used an expired skincare product on her face, which resulted in a chemical burn. To make matters worse, she used a facial steamer afterwards, which led to a bacterial infection that spread into her bloodstream. This unfortunate combination of a chemical burn and a bacterial infection caused the visible damage to her face.

How Do You Treat a Chemical Burn on Your Face?

Chemical burns can be quite painful and require immediate medical attention. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Remove Irritating Products: If you feel any discomfort when using a skincare product, stop using it immediately. This can prevent further damage to your skin.
  2. Wash the Area: Rinse the affected area with clean running water for at least 20 minutes. This can help to wash away any remaining chemical residue.
  1. Seek Medical Help: After washing your skin thoroughly, get in touch with a healthcare professional. They can assess the severity of the burn and provide appropriate treatment.
  2. Apply Topical Medication: Your healthcare provider may prescribe a topical antibiotic or a low-strength steroid cream to prevent infection and reduce inflammation.
  3. Keep the Skin Moist: Keep the affected area moisturized by applying a gentle moisturizer like aloe vera cream.
  4. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Protect your skin from the sun. For at least a year after the incident, apply sunblock to the affected area every time you go outside during the day.

How Long Does it Take for a Chemical Burn to Heal?

The healing time for a chemical burn can vary greatly depending on its severity and the substance that caused it. A minor burn may heal within a few days, while a more serious burn could take weeks or even months to heal completely. Patience is key during this healing process. Don’t be surprised if Beasteater looks different for a very long time.

What Do Chemical Burns Look Like? The Viral Beasteater Video

Chemical burns can look different depending on the severity of the burn and the type of chemical that caused it. Here are some symptoms you might notice:

  • Redness, Irritation, or Burning: These are often the first signs of a chemical burn.
  • Pain or Numbness: Depending on the severity of the burn, you might feel mild to severe pain or numbness at the site of the burn.
  • Formation of Blisters or Black Dead Skin: In severe cases, the skin may blister or turn black.
  • Vision Changes: If the chemical gets into your eyes, you might experience temporary or permanent vision changes.
  • Cough or Shortness of Breath: If the chemical is inhaled, you might experience respiratory symptoms like coughing or shortness of breath.

Take a look at how Beasteater’s chemical burn looks for example.

Beasteater claims her Chemical Burns came from using an expired skin care product
Beasteater claims her Chemical Burns came from using an expired skin care product Image Credit: TikTok/@BeastEater

To say that looks painful is an understatement right?


This is what happened to my face

♬ original sound – BeastEater

The Biggest Lesson Learned From Beasteater’s Predicament

This tragic situation is a perfect example of the importance of checking product expiration dates. People often don’t realize the potential dangers of using strong, expired products.

While Beasteater’s experience was unfortunate, her openness about the incident has helped raise awareness about the importance of proper skincare product usage and the potential risks involved. Her story serves as a reminder that beauty and skincare are not just about looking good, but also about taking care of one’s health. It’s a lesson that all of us, influencers and followers alike, can learn from.

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