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Is Bronny James a Fake Californian? Why People Think Bronny is Pretending He Was Born in California

In the world of sports, the term ‘hometown’ often holds a significant place. It’s a term that connects an athlete to their roots, their upbringing, and the community that shaped them. However, the definition of ‘hometown’ is not as straightforward as it might seem, and this ambiguity has recently come into focus with the case of Bronny James, son of basketball legend LeBron James.

The Hometown vs Birthplace Conundrum

The term ‘hometown’ is often used interchangeably with ‘birthplace’, but they are not synonymous. A birthplace is where a person is born, while a hometown is typically considered the place where a person spent a significant part of their formative years. It’s the place they call ‘home’, the place they identify with.

Is Bronny James Pretending California was His Birthplace?

During a recent USC vs Oregon State game, when Bronny James was at the free throw line, the announcer mentioned his hometown as Los Angeles, California. This raised eyebrows among some observers, given that it is widely known that Bronny was born in Akron, Ohio, during LeBron’s Cavaliers days.

Bronny James lying about being from California
Image Credit: NCAA/Youtube

The intrigue deepened when people noticed that ESPN.com’s biography page for Bronny James also lists his birthplace as Los Angeles, California. This discrepancy has led to speculation and debate among fans and observers. Why do most other verified sources say Bronny was born in Akron Ohio on October 6 2004, yet national sports outlets like ESPN are now claiming he was born in Los Angeles California. In 2004 Lebron was reigning rookie of the year at 19 years old.

ESPN Biography Page Claims Bronny James was Born in Los Angeles CA, but every other Verified Source Claims He was Born in Akron Ohio Image Credit: ESPN.com

Is Bronny James False Repping California for Marketing Purposes?

Some people are of the opinion that Bronny James is being marketed as being from California because it’s more marketable for his image than being from Akron, Ohio, like his father. This theory suggests that the marketing team behind Bronny might be ensuring that public profile sports pages list his birthplace as California.

They might be increasing his height too, because Bronny was listed at 6’2″ only a few months ago, and now he’s allegedly 6’4, despite videos showing he’s around the Steph Curry’s height with shoes on.

However, it’s important to note that Bronny himself has never publicly claimed Los Angeles as his birthplace. He may very well identify with Akron, Ohio, as his birthplace and consider Los Angeles as his hometown, given that it’s the last place he lived.

The Final Verdict: Is Bronny James a Fake Californian?

Technically speaking, Bronny James is not from California; he’s from Ohio. However, his hometown would be Los Angeles, since that is the last place he actually lived. This distinction between birthplace and hometown, while subtle, is significant and contributes to the ongoing debate about Bronny James’s origins.

The big question here is why is ESPN lying about Bronny James being born in California? Is that a mistake or by design?

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