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Did Draymond Green Place a Prop Bet on Himself? Peculiar Incident Fuels Conspiracy Theory

When passion and high stakes collide, controversies are part and parcel of the landscape. The NBA, with its global following and high-profile players, is no stranger to such controversies. Recently, the spotlight has swung towards Golden State Warriors’ star Draymond Green. The buzz? A whirlwind of social media conspiracy theories alleging Green is betting on NBA games, and not just any games – ones where he’s on the court similar to allegations Jontay Porter is facing.

The Incident: What Caused Draymond Green’s Early Ejection 4 Minutes into Warriors vs Magic?

The spark that ignited this controversy was an incident during a face-off between the Golden State Warriors and the Orlando Magic. Draymond Green, a pivotal player for the Warriors, found himself ejected from the game after clocking in only four minutes. The reason? Two technical fouls he received for a heated argument with NBA referee Ray Acosta.

Green’s early exit was a significant twist in the game, and it didn’t take long for the incident to go viral on social media. And that’s when the betting allegations started to surface.

The Conspiracy Theory Involving Betting on NBA Games: Did Draymond Green Place a Prop Bet on Himself?

In the aftermath of the incident, social media was abuzz with theories that Green had placed a prop bet on himself, specifically taking the under on minutes played. The theory suggests that Green intentionally got himself ejected early in the game to ensure he won the bet on himself.

It’s crucial to note that these are just allegations and theories circulating on social media. As of now, there’s no concrete evidence to back these claims, and Green has not been officially accused of any wrongdoing.

The Comparison: Jontay Porter

The conspiracy theory swirling around Green has drawn comparisons to another NBA player – Jontay Porter of the Toronto Raptors. Porter is currently under the scanner for allegedly faking injuries to leave games early after placing prop bets on himself.

The allegations against Porter are serious and have led to a significant investigation. The irregularities reportedly occurred in games on January 26 and March 20. In both games, Porter played significantly fewer minutes than expected, raising eyebrows and suspicions of foul play.

Porter’s case is still under investigation, and the outcome is yet to be determined. However, the similarities between Porter’s situation and the allegations against Green have led many to draw parallels between the two. However, it’s more believable that Porter would place bets on himself considering he’s only making $400K this season.

For Draymond Green the risk of betting on NBA games wouldn’t make sense considering he’s on 4 year $100 Million deal. In the same breath, that would also make it easier for him to get away since no would be expecting it.

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