Home Sports Kyrie Irving Confirms ‘LeGM’ Nickname For Lebron James is 100% Right

Kyrie Irving Confirms ‘LeGM’ Nickname For Lebron James is 100% Right

‘LeGM’ is one of the most popular nicknames LeBron James has gotten over his many years in the league. The nickname was based on the notion that Lebron James is really playing the role of general manager behind the scenes for the franchises he plays for. Up until now there was no concrete evidence to support that theory until Kyrie Irving made an incredible revelation about his past.

Kyrie Irving Confirms ‘LeGM’ Nickname For Lebron James is 100% Truth

Recently Kyrie Irving was on the ‘I am Athlete’ podcast talking about his tenure with Lebron James. As we all know his time with Lebron ended when Kyrie Irving forced a trade out the Cleveland. Still yet he respects Lebron, and hold his time with Cavaliers above all other points of his career since it was the only time he won a championship, and learned about what it takes to be great in the league. When talking about how those Cavaliers teams were constructed Kyrie Irving confirmed ‘LeGM’ is a real thing. He talked about how Lebron James was behind the scenes calling the shots on who the team would sign, which impressed him.

Skip to the 26 minute mark of the video.

There you have it, Kyrie Irving says the ‘LeGM’ nickname is 100% real and is really happening. Does that make Lebron James the first unofficial player General Manager in NBA history? Considering that 2016 Cavaliers squad was the only team in NBA history to come back from down 3-1 in the finals, it’s safe to say Lebron is a great GM sometimes.

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