Tyson Fury is retired from boxing, and as a result old demons of his past may be slowly creeping on him. Before Tyson Fury returned back to the ring to fight Deontay Wilder the first time, he was in recovery from rampant drug use and weight gain. He overcame those odds, and is now known as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time by some. However, without boxing he may be heading down a dark path again.

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People are Worried after a Drunk Tyson Fury Kicked a Taxi in Viral Video

People who had drug problems in the past usually overcome those urges, because they find something that can distract them while giving more purpose to their day to day lives. For Tyson Fury his savior was his family and boxing. Now that he is never stepping foot in the ring again naturally he has more free time, which means more time to think about those demons he was able to avoid over the past few years.

A viral video shows Tyson Fury drunk and barely able to walk in the streets with his friends. It seems he was so intoxicated that a taxi cab driver drove off on his entourage when they tried to get a ride. Things took a turn for the worst when the drunk Tyson Fury kicked the taxi cab as it was driving off. A lot of people feel this is a sign that he is on the brink of spiraling out of control again.

Hopefully this was just a singular incident of Tyson Fury drinking more than he should have, and not a sign that drugs are taking over his life again. It’s well known that alcohol is gateway drug for people who overcame addiction in the past. Stay strong Tyson Fury, and drug free.

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