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Is Josh Jacobs Filipino? Details on Why Josh Jacobs Has Philippines Flag on His Helmet

Josh Jacobs side by side with Image Woman Holding Her Son in Philippines

With the Las Vegas Raiders taking on the Kansas City Chiefs their star running back Josh Jacobs was put in the spotlight on social media. NFL fans pay attention to intricate details, so many people noticed that Josh Jacob’s helmet has a Filipino flag on it. This led to people wondering why he is repping the country. In this article we will explain why.

Why Does Josh Jacobs Helmet have a Philippines Flag on It? Details on if Josh Jacob is Filipino

Most people look at Josh Jacob, and don’t realize he’s actually mixed. The reason his helmet has a Philippine flag on it is to pay homage to his father’s heritage. According to multiple reports Josh Jacob’s dad is Filipino, which makes him a proud Filipino American.

He was born in Tulsa Oklahoma, but it’s clear he still feels a connection to his dad’s home country. What better way to pay homage than to place the flag of his dad’s country on the back of his helmet for the world to see.

Josh Jacobs is like the Jordan Clarkson of the NFL. One reps his Filipino heritage with his helmet during NFL season, while the other reps the country by playing for the National basketball team during the NBA offseason.

If you didn’t know then now you do. The next time you see the Philippine flag on Josh Jacob’s helmet you’ll know the story behind it. He’s a man that’s very proud of his genetic lineage and culture, and wants the world to know it.