Jeff Green Kicking Gatorade Stand After Patrick Beverley sets Illegal Screen Almost Paralyzing Him.

Patrick Beverley got Jeff Green very mad during Nets vs Clippers. Jeff Green kicked a Gatorade stand after Patrick Beverley set an illegal screen on him.

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The play had him down for several minutes as he was writhing in pain. The whole time Patrick Beverley was arguing with the referees that is was not a foul. The replay show Jeff Green’s neck making a dangerous torque.

When he got up Jeff Green kicked the Gatorade stand with a massive amount of force.

Jeff Green has been one of Nets most important players, so losing him would be huge with Durant still out. He has become a force from the three point line, and has always been a versatile defender.

Hopefully it’s just a stinger.

Author: JordanThrilla

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