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Cam Newton Exposes The Kid Who Heckled Him at His Own Football Camp in Response Video

Cam Newton exposed the kid who heckled him a new response the video. In the footage Cam Newton asked the heckling kid “What did you today”. He was referring to the scrimmage games they played during the day. The once loud and boisterous kid who was disrespectfully yelling at him got real quiet and embarrassed, because he didn’t really do anything during the games played.

Earlier in the day as Cam Newton was walking around the field, the kid berated him saying “You a free agent. You a**” over and over again. You would think someone talking like this to an NFL superstar would be some kind of prodigy, but Cam Newton exposed him as being a below average player.

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Part 2 of the video above.

Cam Newton really showed how much he has matured as person. A few years ago when the same thing happened, he actually got in the kid’s face like he was going to fight him. This new Cam Newton remained calm, then clowned the kid who heckled him in a methodically embarrassing fashion in front of everyone.

Social Media also took Cam Newton’s side due to how he handled the situation.

Author: JordanThrilla