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Is Anthony Edwards Related to Michael Jordan?

Is Anthony Edwards related to Michael Jordan? Over the years there have been many conspiracy theories about Jimmy Butler being Michael Jordan’s son due similarities in their play style and appearance.

However, after the 2020 NBA Draft a new conspiracy theory has arisen that Anthony Edwards is Michael Jordan’s son.

It seems far fetched, but when you compare them side by side Anthony Edwards looks like Michael Jordan. In fact they are nearly a spitting image of each other.

As you can see they share all the same facial features including jaw structure, glabellar lines, hairline, and smile. Even their nasolabial folds are the same.

On the court they share the same tenacity and love for the game. You can already tell Edwards has a Jordan like alpha male personality between those lines on the hardwood. Even a veteran NBA players can’t punk out Edwards.

If Anthony Edwards is Michael Jordan’s son, you have to wonder if he’s mad he wasn’t able to draft him with the 3rd pick. In a few years it’s possible he might be an even bigger superstar than LaMelo, who is also destined for greatness.

Don’t be surprised if you see Edwards start using post fadeaways more, as those possible Jordan genes start kicking in more.

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