Warriors season is off to a worse start than last season, and a Kelly Oubre incident during their Christmas Day game explains it all. Stephen Curry’s reaction to Kelly Oubre shooting over 3 defenders during Warriors vs Bucks is going viral.

After the ridiculous sequence Stephen Curry was seen angrily smiling at Kelly Oubre with a “wtf” look on his face. Steve Kerr was seen irate on the bench as well.

As expected the shot was easily blocked by the Bucks leading to another turnover for the Warriors.

Stephen Curry’s supporting cast as been beyond awful so far, and it doesn’t help that he himself hasn’t played well either. It really looks like Warriors would have been bad even if Klay Thompson was healthy with this cast of players they put together. Kelly Oubre has made NBA history by going 0-11 from three in his first two games to start the season.

Stephen Curry’s reaction to Kelly Oubre shooting over three defenders is another example of the basketball hell Warriors franchise is living in now. Karma is going in on them for purposely injuring Kawhi in 2017.

Pray for Stephen Curry through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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