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15 Year Old 6’6″ Bryce James Game Winner Shot with Bronny James Watching Goes Viral

There’s no doubt that Lebron James’ sons Bronny and Bryce are the two most popular high school basketball players, because of their connection to the GOAT NBA player of all time. In recent months Bryce James has overtaken Bronny James in popularity due to his massive growth spurts. While Bronny James continues to drop in national rankings, Bryce James continues to grow now towering over his older brother. On the court Bryce is not quite as good as Bronny yet, but his recent clutch performance is another sign that he’s on his way to possibly be the chosen one.

15 Year Old 6’6″ Bryce James Game Winning Shot with Bronny James Watching Goes Viral

In case you don’t know Bronny and Bryce play much differently on the basketball court. Bryce is the type of player that usually looks to score, while Bronny is more known for being a facilitator who looks to get his teammates involved most of the time. In the past Lebron has allegedly said Bryce is the best shooter in the family, and he proved it once again when his team needed him most. Bryce doesn’t look too confident on the court yet, but this could be one of the moments that boosts is ego a bit.

Recently Bryce James’ squad was locked in contest that went down to the wire. With a few seconds left in the game Bryce’s team was trailing by 2 points, and needed a clutch play to seal the win or force overtime. Everything was set up perfectly for Bryce James to have his clutch moment when the opposing team left him wide open behind the three point line. Bryce James missed the shot, but the refs called a foul sending him to the line for three shots. Bryce James’ game winning three free throws sealed the victory for his squad with Bronny James watching on the sideline supporting is brother.

The ironic part about this is that Lebron James is known for not being clutch at the free throw line, so Bryce James might be already better than him in that regard. Bryce James barely gets any minutes probably because he’s playing with older players, so moments like this when he makes an impact are important for his development as a player.

Bryce James is 6’6″ tall so it’s clear he’s the son that inherited Lebron James height genes since Bronny seems to have stopped growing at 6’2″.

If Bryce puts in the work his potential is much higher than Bronny’s in theory simply because of his physical stature. However, Bronny James was much better than Bryce at the same age and also much more athletic, also he could possibly hit another growth spurt as well. Either the way the future is bright for both of them as long as they work hard on their games, and not take anything for granted.

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