Security Guard Leg Tackles Wizards Fan Who Runs onto Court during Wizards vs Sixers Game 4

Just one day after a Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving’s head, another scary incident took place during Wizards vs Sixers Game 4. During the third quarter security tackled a Wizards fan who ran onto court.

The fan who was wearing a yellow shirt was running towards Dwight Howard before a skilled security guard tackled him by the legs. After he was pinned down to the ground as more security guards came to help. The crowd cheered the fan on as he was escorted out the arena.

Ironically this incident came on the same day NBA released stricter rules to prevent a situation like this from happening. It appears fans are basically getting out of control at this point, and nothing is going to stop them from wreaking havoc.

Kudos to that security guard who tackled the Wizards fan running onto the court. It looks like he was going to attempt attacking Dwight Howard.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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