It’s been about 1 week since Errol Spence broke Yordenis Ugas’ eye socket, but he is still battling the after effects of his serious injury. You probably remember how swollen Yordenis Ugas’ eye was during the fight, 7 days later it’s still just as swollen, and hasn’t really gotten any better.

Yordenis Ugas Gives Update on Eye Injury Says He Had Tears of Blood for 40 Hours

Recently Yordenis Ugas posted an update of his eye injury, and expounded on what the two days after his fight with Errol Spence was like. He detailed how his eye was swollen shut for 40 hours, but that wasn’t the most alarming thing he said. It was also revealed that Yordenis Ugas had tears of blood coming from his eye, because the bleeding just wouldn’t stop.

With the type of injury he had you would expect that doctors would have operated on him by now. However, similar to how doctors wait for the swelling in knee injuries to go down before performing surgery, they are going to wait for Ugas’ swelling to be completely gone before fixing the damage. He didn’t say if his eye sight will still be the same after it’s all set and done. Overall he seems to be in good spirits, but also very worried.

When Did Errol Spence Break Yordenis Ugas’ Orbital Bone During the Fight?

If you go back and re-watch the fight you’ll notice that during the 7th round Yordenis Ugas’ orbital bone was broken by an Errol Spence uppercut. After it happened Ugas was noticeably panicking anytime Spence got near his eye area. He would go on fighting for 3 more rounds, which probably made the injury worse.

Hopefully Ugas can make a full recovery, and this injury isn’t career altering.

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