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It’s Official Scientists Sequenced the Complete Human Genome in 2022 Making History

For many years we have always heard about scientists’ quest to map the entire human genome during science classes in school. The feat is especially difficult, because the human genome consists of our entire set of genetic information. According to scientists there are 3.055 Billion base pairs in the human genome, which is the foundational part of chromosomes and genes.

Scientists Sequenced the Complete Human Genome in 2022 For First Time History

2022 has been a strange year with tragedy, unexpected wars, celebrity deaths, new diseases, and continuous mass shootings. It’s not often you hear positive news about humans these days. However, one of those rare good news days was April 22, because it was announced scientists sequenced the complete human genome. Of course this is the first time in history that was accomplished.

Why is This the First Time Scientists Sequenced the Complete Human Genome if Scientists in 2003 Claimed They Had?

Historical moments like these don’t come without their history of controversy. Back in 2003 scientists believed that they had sequenced the entire human genome. However, it was later discovered that 8% was missing, which is equal to one chromosome. Due that fact what they thought was the complete human genome actually had thousands of structural errors, which have been corrected with 2022 version of the sequenced human genome.

Three-Dimensional Landscape of Genome Using HIPMap Technology

Why is Scientists Sequencing the Entire Human Genome Such a Big Deal?

Completely understand the human genome will lead to breakthroughs in the treatments for many serious illnesses. For example scientists can now more accurately study the types of mutations that cause cancer. It will also help scientists understand what makes each person unique since we all have similar genes, but are still very different. Essentially this will allow scientists to make medications that are unique to one person thus decreasing chances of side effects, and improving effectiveness of treatments.

Congratulations to the scientists that worked hard on making history in such an important way.

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