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TikTok Video Showing Lesbian Studs Paying Homage to Brittney Griner by Dancing Cynthia Erivo’s ‘Stand Up’ Song Goes Viral

After being held in Russia for 160 days the tragic case of Brittney Griner came to a close with a shocking verdict. Brittney Griner was sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison effectively ending her WNBA career if the sentence stands. Sadly it was all an honest mistake on her part, but the strict drug laws in Russia still aimed to give her the harshest punishment possible for the crime she mistakenly committed. Now lesbian studs across America are speaking out in very unique ways.

Why Was Brittney Griner Sentenced to 9 Years in Russian Prison?

As you probably know Russian police caught Brittney Griner with vape cartridges in her luggage when she arrived at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. Their reports stated that Brittney Griner had weed in the vape cartridges in the form of hashish oil. Hash oil is a oleoresin created after extraction from marijuana. Hash Oil is an extremely concentrated substance containing tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids.

According to Russia’s drug laws possession of less than 6 grams of marijuana is considered an “administrative offense”, which can carry a hefty fine or up to 15 days in jail. Possession of more than 6 grams of marijuana is a criminal offense that can result in 10 years or more in prison. In addition she brought the drugs across country lines, which may have added to the gravity of the offenses. Despite Brittney’s legal team saying it was an honest mistake, Russian prosecutors believed she intentionally broke Russia’s drug laws. As such they gave her 1 year less than the maximum sentence for her alleged crimes, which was sadly 9 years.

‘Free Brittney Griner’ TikTok Video Showing Lesbian Studs Dancing to Cynthia Erivo’s ‘Stand Up’ Song to Pay Homage to Brittney Griner Goes Viral

As you probably know Brittney Griner is now quite possibly the most famous lesbian stud of all time. As such she has a huge fanbase of people who are similar to her, and they are probably the most emotionally impacted by this situation besides her friends, family, and sports fans in general. In a viral ‘Free Brittney Griner’ TikTok video a group of lesbian studs danced to Cynthia Erivo’s emotional ‘Stand Up’ song to pay homage to Brittney Griner. The footage, which has been viewed millions of times across social media will truly make you shed a tear.

Sadly the moment Russian police found that marijuana in her luggage was the last time we saw Brittney Griner as a free woman.

Will Vladimir Putin trade Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout?

Although Brittney Griner was sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison, it doesn’t mean she will actually serve that amount of time. As you probably know Joe Biden has offered trading Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner and another American named Paul Whelan. The offer was confirmed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Viktor Bout is a Russian firearms trafficker who is serving a 25 year sentence in American prison.

Russian officials stated that Brittney Griner had to be sentenced before they would accept the deal Joe Biden offered. As such how long she remains in prison will be dictated by when and if Russia decides to make that trade.

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