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Here’s Why Kendrick Perkins Got Ejected from a Kid’s AAU Game and How He Reacted

Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins made headlines over the weekend when he was ejected from an AAU kid’s basketball game for arguing with the referee. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media, showing Perkins shouting at the official before being escorted off of the court.

More Details on Why Kendrick Perkins Got Ejected from an AAU Game

Perkins, who was coaching one of the teams in the tournament, was upset with a call that went against his squad. He tried to get an explanation from the referee, but he was allegedly ignored. That’s when he lost his temper and started yelling at the official, who had no choice but to eject him from the game. However, Perkins was not banned from the gym, as the authorities recognized his star power and allowed him to stay on the sidelines.

Kendrick Perkins Reacts to Getting Ejected from the Kid’s AAU Game

On Monday, Perkins appeared on NBA Today with Malika Andrews and addressed the incident. He said that he was just trying to ask the referee a question, but he was not listening to him. He also said that he spent thousands of dollars to attend the tournament, and expressed gratefulness that they let him stay in the gym after he was ejected.

Perkins is known for his fiery personality and his outspoken opinions on basketball matters. He played 14 seasons in the NBA, winning a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008. He retired in 2018, and joined ESPN as an analyst in 2019. He is a regular contributor on shows like The Jump, NBA Countdown, and NBA Today.

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