Steven Adams Three Point Shooting Form Goes Viral After New Workout Video

He’s already known as the strongest center in the NBA, and now he’s trying to be one of the best spot up shooters too. A video showing Steven Adams working on his three point shot is making waves around the basketball world.

In this footage Steven Adams’ three point shooting form looked immaculate besides one small blooper. Ironically it happened during one of the most impressive moments where he did a baseline cut to curl three, and knocked it down with ease. On his first try he had second thoughts in the middle of his shot, which could have been called a travel during a real game. Nevertheless at his massive size that is tough to pull off even in a workout session.

If Steven Adams can develop a consistent outside shot it would solve the problem of floor spacing when he’s in the lineup for the Pelicans. If defenses had to respect his spot up shooting it would make things much easier for Zion Williamsons, since they wouldn’t be able to clog the paint so often. It would also open up new assists and driving lanes for guards on the team who need space to operate more efficiently.

Who would you take in a three point contest of Steven Adams vs Ben Simmons? After seeing that video most people would bet their house on Adams.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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