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Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic’s Reactions to Referees Confirming Andrew Wiggins’ Poster Dunk Goes Viral

At some point or another every superstar NBA player has a career altering poster moment that will be talked about for the remainder of their respective careers. For Lebron James it was getting dunked on by Jayson Tatum, for Pau Gasol it was getting dunked on by Blake Griffin, for Kendrick Perkins it was getting dunked on by Dwayne Wade, for Dwight Howard it was getting dunked on by Kobe, the list goes on. Unfortunately for Luka Doncic his career altering moment came in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, and the way it played out was hilarious.

Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic’s Reaction to Andrew Wiggins Poster Dunk Being Confirmed by Referees Goes Viral

When Andrew Wiggins dunked on Luka Doncic he fell to the ground in pain holding his mouth. The ferocity of the dunk caused the referees to review the play for a flagrant foul. Slow motion replay would show that Andrew Wiggins used his off arm to shield himself from Luka Doncic, but he never made contact with his face. Rather his arm seemed to hit Luka’s chest area near his armpit.

With evidence that Luka flopped in mid air the referees ruled the play valid, and the dunk was made official. Mark Cuban’s and Luka Doncic’s reactions to referees confirming Andrew Wiggins posterized him were all caught by the arena monitors. Luka was seen seemingly filled with embarrassment as he begged the referees for an explanation. It looked like he may have been asking them to review the play again. On the sideline it looked like Mark Cuban started praying after realizing what just happened to his franchise player. Take a look at the dunk and their reactions.

It seems like Mark Cuban was more distraught than Luka Doncic was after hearing the refs’ decision. It wouldn’t have been surprising if he started crying in that moment. That was a tough play that did look like an offensive foul. Charles Barkley believed it was an offensive foul when they discussed the play on Inside the NBA.

Andrew Wiggins’ poster dunk on Luka Doncic could be career altering, because this would be the first time he has experienced a widespread roast session at his expense during his NBA career. Will this give him the emotional edge in Game 4, or are Mavericks going home early?

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