If you made a list of things you that might happen during Mavericks biggest game of the playoffs a water leak probably wouldn’t be on the list. With the rainy conditions in Dallas today a rare instance where outdoor weather interfered with an indoor NBA game became a reality.

American Airlines Center Water Leak Delays Mavericks vs Warriors Game 4 Western Conference Finals

The third quarter of Mavs vs Warriors Game 4 things took an unexpected turn. In a game where Dallas was dominating the loud arena fell silent as they watched a cleanup crew start bringing out towels for the floor near Warriors’ bench. The game was delayed after it was a confirmed a water leak in Mavericks’ American Airline Center arena roof. The live telecast showed large drops of water falling from the ceiling, which is a bit scary.

Within a few minutes they brought out ball racks so players could shoot around, which meant it would be a lengthy delay. Stephen Curry was seen talking with Luka Doncic as they laughed about the strange situation going on. Mark Cuban looked a bit embarrassed that his arena was having a rain leak problem during the most important game of Mavs’ season. It was an interesting predicament all around for everyone involved. Luckily it seemed they had someone on the scene who literally went up to the roof area to patch the leak by hand.

At the time the game was paused Mavericks held a double digit lead, which ironically is similar to the situation they were in last game coming into the third quarter. Can they keep up the incredibly efficient three point shooting down the stretch, or are Warriors going to get another comeback win? Will the lengthy pause from the American Airlines Center rain water leak affect Mavericks’ rhythm? So many stories to pay attention to as this strange game reaches to the final buzzer.

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