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Marcus Smart Severe Ankle Sprain Injury Requires Him to Be Helped Off Court During Lakers vs Grizzlies In Season Tournament Game

The Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers game on Tuesday night was marred by a scary injury to Grizzlies guard Marcus Smart, who had to be helped off the court after landing awkwardly on his left leg. The incident happened around the three-minute mark of the first quarter, when Smart contested a shot.

Smart fell to the floor and immediately grabbed his knee area, while banging his hand on the court in pain and frustration. At first glance based on his reaction it seemed like Marcus Smart tore his ACL. A timeout was called and Smart was assisted by the Grizzlies medical staff to the locker room. On slow motion replay it looked like he severely sprained his ankle.

The extent of Smart’s injury is still unknown, but on the ESPN telecast they said he is listed as doubtful to return to the game. Marcus Smart is known for his toughness and resilience, especially when it comes to ankle injuries.

If there is any silver lining in this, it would be that in the Eastern Conference Finals Marcus Smart suffered an ankle sprain that looked a lot worse, and he ended up playing through it. His pain threshold might be Top 10 in the NBA history.

Smart, who joined the Grizzlies in October after a trade from the Boston Celtics, has been a key contributor for his team despite their early struggles. He will likely be a perfect fit next to Ja Morant when he comes back, since he’s used to playing with ball dominant players.

The Grizzlies and their fans are anxiously waiting for more news on Smart’s injury and hoping for the best possible outcome. Hopefully he won’t have to miss many games, because Grizzlies need all the help they can get right now.

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