Recently there has been a trend of current and former NFL players’ family members committing serious crimes, and the trend seems to be continuing with the brutal murder of a youth football coach in Texas. According to reports the Lancaster Police department is searching for Aqib Talib’s brother Yaqub Talib after he murdered a coach during a football game, and it was all caught on an alleged video.

Alleged Video of Aqib Talib’s Brother Shooting and Killing Youth Football Coach in Broad Daylight Leaks

According reports after a Youth Football game was over several parents were extremely upset about how the game ended, and directed their anger towards an unidentified coach. At one point during the argument a man dressed in a black t-shirt and bucket hat allegedly shot and killed the youth football coach. That person is allegedly Aqib Talib’s brother Yaqub Talib.

A video of the Aqib Talib’s brother murdering the youth football coach leaked online, but it’s honestly tough to make out what happened from watching. Witnesses claim that Aqib Talib’s brother Yaqub shot the coach dead during the fight, but in the footage you can’t really see if a weapon was pulled out. It’s also hard to tell where Yaqub Talib was when the coach got shot. Nevertheless Lancaster Police have identified him as the main suspect based on claims from eyewitnesses. Take a look at the footage.

Aqib Talib has not been named as a suspect in the shooting, but he was present when his brother allegedly murdered the youth football coach. Yaqub Talib has been arrested in the past, but never for anything this serious.

Prayers up for the family of the youth football coach.

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