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Man Sucker Punches 7-Eleven Employee Then Gets Jumped with Baseball Bat in Fight Video Sparking Controversy

A shocking video has emerged online showing the moment a man sucker punched a Seven-Eleven employee who then used a baseball bat to protect himself in response. The incident happened in Marysville, Washington, and has sparked a debate on social media on whether the 7-Eleven employee was justified in using the baseball bat during the fight.

The video, which was recorded by another customer, shows the suspect walking towards the exit, but then turning around and punching the employee in the face. From there all hell broke loose as the 7-11 employee followed the man into the parking lot with anger flowing through his veins. Things went way left when his co-worker tossed him a baseball bat, and he began beating the man with it. The crazy part was even while getting jumped with metal baseball bat, the attacker was still fighting back. Some people speculate that he must of been on some kind of drug.

According to some rumors the police arrived shortly after and arrested the suspect, who was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The employee was also allegedly treated for minor injuries at the scene. The police allegedly investigated the incident, but it’s not clear if any charges were filed against the employee, or the man who started the fight.

The video has gone viral on social media, with many people expressing their opinions on whether the employee acted appropriately or excessively. Some praised him for standing up to the suspect and defending himself, while others criticized him for using excessive force and potentially causing permanent damage to the suspect. Some also questioned why the other customers did not intervene, or call for help during the altercation.

What do you think? Was the employee right to use the baseball bat or did he go too far?

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