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Black Ink Crew Ceasar Gets Worst Dallas Tattoo Ever and the Internet Goes In

Most people assume that Tattoo artists always make sure the tattoos they get on their own bodies are top of the line, but that isn’t always the case. Black Ink Crew’s Ceasar got the worst Dallas Tattoo ever seen, and the internet is going in him.

Ceasar’s Dallas Tattoo looks like he got it done at someone’s house in the hood. If you’ve ever lived in the hood growing you knew that one person that did tattoos for people for about 40 to 50 dollars a pop.

There are so many things wrong with Ceasar’s Dallas tattoo. If you look closely the star looks off at the top left corner, but maybe that’s by design. Also it’s not clear if the ball shaped thing is a virus spore, the top of a trophy, or a wrecking ball. Then when it comes to overall detail of the tattoo it looks like it was completed in under 30 minutes. Look at the low quality of the buildings in the background.

All jokes aside if Ceasar likes his Dallas tattoo that’s all that really matters, but damn.

Author: JordanThrilla

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