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Here Is Why the San Marcos High School CA Teacher Caught Berating Students on Zoom Got So Mad “Dare Them to Come at Me”

Zoom has become well known for catching people doing the wrong thing at work, and most of time it seems to happen in the educational system. Such held true with a San Marcos High School teacher named Alissa Piro. The CA teacher was caught berating students during a Zoom distance learning class. The reason she was mad is something we have all faced in life one way or another.

Why Did the CA Teacher Berate Students on Zoom?

This angry CA teacher did not like the fact that parents were telling her how to do her job. Reports say parents were discontent with the performance of the teacher in the new distance learning setup. They felt she was not engaging enough, and also not giving the students the proper attention they needed to fully understand the material being taught. This led to teacher snapping, and going on a rant about how fed up she was with parents telling her how to do her job.

She threatened the students by telling them to relay a message to their parents, “dare them to come at me”. The analogy she made about never going to a doctor and telling them how to do their job was very interesting. Yeah, she wants all the smoke from their guardians.

How the School Responded to the CA Teacher Caught Berating Students on Zoom

The video above was brought to Adam Dawson who is the principle of San Marcos High School. Although he said the teacher made an inexcusable mistake, as of today she still hasn’t face any repercussions known to the public. She still works at the school, teaching the same class. That must be awkward right?

Interestingly another parent claims Alissa Piro was fired from a previous job at an elementary school for a similar incident, so this outburst could have a lot to do with built up anger from losing her past job due to parents complaining.

It’s reported that San Marcos High School voted to keep distance learning in effect for the entire school year, so issues like these will probably continue to happen. You have students who want to be back in classrooms, and teachers who are mad at parents for complaining about distance learning. It’s a recipe for disaster, and the CA teacher caught berating students on Zoom is proof.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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