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Viral TikTok Video of Robot Waiter at Denny’s Sparks Concern For the Future of Human Waiters and Waitresses

At at time when many underpaid workers are fighting to raise the minimum wage, businesses are finding more and more ways to replace the need to for human workers all together, especially since the COVID pandemic began. One line of work that people thought would always remain safe from technology was the need for waiters at restaurants. However, a recent video shows that technology could eventually replace them too.

TikTok Video of Robot Waiter at Denny’s Gives Bad Vibes About the Future of Human Waiters and Waitresses

A viral TikTok video recorded by @miabellaceo shows a Robot Waiter at Denny’s bringing her table two plates of food. The Denny’s Robot waiter had a nametag that read “Janet”, which was similar to how a human waiter would wear a nametag. Rather than arms, the mechanical device looked like two hot plate holders on wheels.

It’s not clear how it all works, but presumably each Denny’s table has some type of sensor that the robot waiter is using to determine where it needs to go. The staff working there probably have software they use to give the robot waiter the specifics it needs to determine the route it has to take. The end result is what looks like a giant Roomba that can hold plates.

If you have kids they would probably be super excited to see Denny’s Robot Waiter Janet pulling up to your table.

For companies in the restaurant industry robot waiters would be a major tool in battling the push to increase the hourly pay of underpaid workers, because they could theoretically replace most of their hourly paid staff with mechanical devices that require no pay.

In some cases waiters are paid less than $3 per hour, because they receive tips from customers. However, when those tips aren’t coming in consistently, that hourly pay rate becomes more important.

In other job industries hourly pay is the only source income for workers, which is usually around $7.25 per hour, but is slightly higher in some states based on local inflation.

Fair pay is an issue business owners wouldn’t have to worry about with robot workers replacing their human workers. At some point in the near future technology could be the hourly worker’s worst enemy.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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