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Here is How Black Panther’s Letitia Wright aka Shuri Luciferase COVID Vaccine Devil Conspiracy Theory is Connected with Bill Gates

The world is learning that Letitia Wright aka Shuri from Black Panther is an anti-vaxxer. As expected she is now unwarrantedly being publicly ridiculed for her personal beliefs about getting vaccinated. Some people are even calling for her to be removed from future Black Panther movies, simply because she’s against the COVID Vaccine. In this article we will discuss how Shuri’s views of the COVID Vaccine are connected with Bill Gates.

Details on Letitia Wright aka Shuri‘s Luciferase COVID Vaccine Devil Conspiracy Theory

It’s being reported Letitia Wright is an anti-vaxxer, because she feels there is a devilish plot behind the creation of the COVID Vaccine. Her beliefs are similar to the beliefs Kyrie Irving has for not being vaccinated, but slightly different. Letitia Wright believes that there is Luciferase in the COVID Vaccine, which makes it a product of the devil. It may sound crazy, but there is actually significant basis for her belief.

In this article we will explain how Shuri aka Letitia Wright‘s luciferase COVID Vaccine Conspiracy theory is directly related to Bill Gates’ alleged vaccination plan.

How Letitia Wright aka Shuri’s Luciferase COVID-19 Vaccine Devil Conspiracy Theory Connects with Bill Gates using Luciferase Technology

Bill Gates using Luciferase in his implantable vaccine delivery system has sparked Illuminati 666 devil conspiracy theories similar to what Letitia Wright allegedly believes. Luciferase is derived from the Latin word Lucifer, which immediately makes conspiracy theorists think Bill Gates’ has an Illuminati 666 motive behind his implantable quantum dot micro-needle vaccine delivery system.

Luciferase is a group of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, if you go by the bible this could easily be the “mark of the beast”. As you read further below you will see why people think Bill Gates is involved in Illuminati 666 worship.

Bill Gates wants to inject every human on earth with a quantum dot microneedle chip. Theoretically speaking creating something like a COVID Vaccine, which is being promoted as an injection everyone in the world needs would be the perfect way for him to carry out that plan.

The secret to making the vaccine delivery system work will be the “Luciferase” chemical, which would make the chip readable with a cellphone app. The patent for Bill Gates vaccine technology is filed under #060606. Notice anything peculiar about that number?

If you look closely at the patent number #060606 it is actually “666” once you remove the zeroes. Now add to this fact that the implantable vaccine delivery system will use Luciferase, a word derived from the devil word Lucifer. Then you realize that the Luciferase will make the quantum dot microneedles chips illuminate just like how the “mark of the beast” is described in the bible, and it makes you wonder.

Hopefully this helps you better understand why Letitia Wright aka Shuri is an Anti-vaxxer who believes Luciferase makes COVID Vaccine part of a devil related plot.

Hopefully she isn’t removed from upcoming Black Panther movies due to her personal beliefs of the COVID Vaccine, because she was one of the best actors and characters from the movie.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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