Drug Dealer Records Himself Robbing Danilo Gallinari Lookalike Customer During Weed Deal Gone Wrong

On the internet, videos can spread quickly, becoming viral in a matter of hours. Recently, a video of a drug dealer and a customer has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The video shows a customer handing the drug dealer $200 in exchange for weed, only to have the dealer take the money and then inform the customer that he wouldn’t be getting the weed. The drug dealer then proceeded to tell the customer to leave and warned him not to tell anyone what had happened or else he would be harmed.

The incident, which was recorded and posted on social media, quickly drew attention, with many people calling the drug dealer “stupid” for not only recording himself committing a crime, but also robbing a loyal customer who could have given him more money in the future.

The video is a perfect example of why it is important for people to be careful, especially when it comes to drug deals. It also serves as a reminder that drug dealers who are willing to commit a crime, and even record it, are not to be trusted. Best way to avoid situations like these is to be drug free, or purchase what is legally available at a store.

The victim looks a lot like NBA star Danilo Gallinari at first glance.

Drug Dealer Records Himself Robbing Danilo Gallinari Lookalike Customer During Weed Deal Gone Wrong

The video has sparked a discussion about the dangers of doing business with someone who is not trustworthy. It is important for customers to remember that no matter how long they have known a drug dealer, their loyalty can be taken for granted. What makes things worse for the guy who got robbed is that if he goes to police not only would that put himself in danger, but the police would likely find out that he was trying to buy illegal drugs.

The video also serves as a reminder that technology has become a tool that can be used against unsuspecting people. Technology can be used to record and broadcast criminal activity, making it available for anyone to view. This can be especially true when it comes to drug deals, as they are often conducted in private.

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