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People are Clowning Burger King Requiring COVID Vaccine Card Proof to Order Food Despite Serving Unhealthy Food to People

Burger King is a fast food chain that has served billions of very unhealthy meals to people all around the world, so it isn’t a place you would think cares about people’s health. However, with overbearing vaccine mandates going on around the USA, now Burger King wants to act like they care about people’s health, and they are getting clowned on social media for it.

No COVID Vaccine Card Proof No Unhealthy Food from Burger King?

A viral video shows a customer shocked that NYC Burger King requires COVID vaccination proof just to order unhealthy fast food. The more times you read that, the more it sounds like the matrix. In essence Burger King is requiring COVID vaccination for service, but the service they give is food that destroys your body.

In the USA almost 50% of people aged 20 and older are considered obese, much higher than most other countries around the world. In addition heart disease, often caused by unhealthy diets is one of the leading causes of natural death in the United States. Fast Food from places like Burger King is one of the main culprits contributing to those issues. That isn’t the only thing wrong with Burger King requiring proof of vaccination for service.

Did you know that Latino and Black people are actually the racial groups most likely to not be vaccinated? According to CDC stats the Black and Latino communities have the lowest vaccination rate in comparison to any other racial groups. In many urban or rural areas sometimes a fast food restaurant may be the only place to get a quick cheap meal when you’re very hungry.

Who do these overbearing vaccine mandates hurt the most? People might think Trump supporters due to how the media portrays things, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Minority groups who are more likely to not be Trump supporters, are most impacted.

The Burger King sign says,

“Please have your vaccine card ready to show cashier to make purchase.”

Despite the fact an unvaccinated person would be reading this sign right in front of the Burger King cashier, they would be unable to purchase food despite already being inside the restaurant. It’s similar to how NBA says unvaccinated players have to stay away from vaccinated teammates off the court, but can be right next to them on the court when playing in a game.

People are Clowning Burger King Requiring COVID Vaccine Card Proof to Order Food Despite Serving Unhealthy Food Poison to People. Video showing Burger King requiring COVID vaccine card to order food. Video showing Burger King denying services to unvaccinated people.

What good reason would there be for requiring proof of vaccination just to order fast food from a place like Burger King? Would an unvaccinated person spread COVID by eating unhealthy Burger King food?

The video above shows what most people would do coming across overbearing vaccine mandates like these, just leave the business, and find another one that will accommodate them. In a situation like Burger King, depending on the location some people could be left going hungry, if there is no other quick food option available in that area.

It’s still baffling how businesses and/or government officials expect overreaching vaccine mandate laws to encourage people to get vaccinated. It may be causing growing feelings of resentment among people who were already resentful about getting the vaccine.

Since Joe Biden’s executive order vaccine mandate, the rate of new vaccinations across the United States has remained relatively stagnant, which may show vaccine mandates don’t encourage most people who don’t want the vaccine to get it. More time may still be needed to see the full impact it might have, since deadlines for getting vaccinated in some workplaces haven’t been reached yet.

However, an approach with more understanding and respect for people’s personal choices about their body would probably be much more successful at getting people vaccinated, and a bit more morally correct.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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