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‘She’s a 10 But She Voted for Joe Biden’ Video Goes Viral

In the dating world some of the advice people hear most is never to discuss politics on a first date. It’s well known that politics can ruin a relationship before and after it has started. For many people political beliefs are all they need to know about someone to make a decision on the type of person they are. A strange video involving attractiveness of women who voted for Joe Biden is going viral for just that type of reason.

“She’s a 10 But She Voted for Joe Biden” Video Goes Viral

If you saw a perfect looking woman out in the street would her political affiliation change how attractive she physically is? For many men it will, even though in theory her physicals looks can’t be altered based on whether she’s a democrat, republican, or any other political label out there. That’s because attractiveness is all based on the perception of an individuals’ mind, so in the minds of some people a woman can be considerably less attractive physically based on who she voted for.

In the footage going viral someone interviews random people walking down the road, and asks them “she’s a 10 but voted for Joe Biden”. Interestingly most of the people who responded downgraded the woman’s attractiveness by over 50% only because she voted for Joe Biden. Some even said women who voted for Joe Biden probably stink, which is a crazy thought to have.

As you’ll see most of the people who were asked the question were black. The responses weren’t surprising, because it’s well known many black people are unhappy with Joe Biden’s performance as president so far. Also many black people know about Joe Biden’s sketchy past involving race relations in America.

One thing you have to think about when watching videos like these is the possibility that the people interviewed were actually paid actors, or that video was edited to show only people who answered a certain way. Some people are convinced the footage above is bit too sketchy in terms of how real it is. There’s always the possibility that the person who created the video is biased, so people whose answer didn’t fit their narrative could have been edited out, but who knows.

Is a perfect looking woman physically still a 10 if she voted Trump or Biden just because you don’t like one of them?