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Is SpotemGottem Dead? SpotemGottem Last IG Live Video Before Getting Shot at 22 Times in Miami Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Prayers are up for Florida Rapper SpotemGottem. According to reports SpotemGottem was shot in Miami during a drive by shooting last night.

Is SpotemGottem Dead?

Details of the shooting say SpotemGottem’s car was shot at 22 times. SpotemGottem was hit 5 times in his leg area, which may have hit an artery considering his current health predicament. At the moment there are no reports SpotemGottem is dead, but he was in critical condition, which has now been upgraded to stable condition. His driver was hit in the hip, and is expected to survive.

Police reports say the incident happened around 3 am, when a car pull up beside his vehicle.

Is SpotemGottem’s Last IG Live Video Before Getting Shot Connected to the Miami Shooting?

SpotemGottem’s last Instagram Live video before the shooting is going viral, because people think the shooters learned of his location from that footage.

In SpotemGottem’s last Instagram Live video before he got shot, he was just flexing his jewelry and smoking a blunt, but he wasn’t saying anything.

What is the Motive Behind the SpotemGottem Shooting?

Although the reason behind the SpotemGottem shooting is still unknown, people are looking towards a past murder case he was allegedly involved in. Just a few weeks ago Dallas Police Department connected SpotemGottem to the murder of a man named Reginald Agnew Jr.

However, SpotemGottem‘s legal team was in the process of filing a lawsuit against Dallas Police Department for defamation character on grounds he had nothing to do with that murder.

Is it a coincidence someone tried to murder SpotemGottem a few weeks later? Story is still developing.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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