Saturday marked another tragic day for hip-hop where a rapper lost his life at the hands of more gun violence in Los Angeles. This time the victim was the well known MC Snoopy Blue. Due the mystery surrounding how Snoopy Blue was killed, and some allegations about his past there are many conspiracy theories floating around about why he was murdered.

Was Snoopy Blue Set Up? Details About Who Killed Snoopy Blue

According to multiple reports Snoopy Blue was shot dead around 1 AM as he on the 11600 block of the South Central Avenue. The report was confirmed by LA Police officer Tony. Snoopy Blue was found dead inside his car, which conveys that the shooters shot him while he was either driving or parked. Paramedics rushed to the scene, but attempts to resuscitate him failed and he was declared dead at the scene.

Reports listed the victim as Demond Camper, which was Snoopy Blue’s real name. He was most known for his hit record ‘C Day Song’.

Was Snoopy Blue Set Up? Details on the Snoopy Blue Snitching Death Conspiracy Theory

It’s well known that Snoopy Blue was 97 East Coast Crip. Many rappers that spoke about his death have been mentioned ‘hood politics’ may have been at play. As of right now police have no suspect, and also have no motive as to why Snoopy Blue is dead. However, based on the location where it happened and his gang affiliation there is a conspiracy theory that Snoopy Blue was set up due to alleged snitching he did awhile back.

Some time ago Spider Loc showed paperwork alleging that Snoopy Blue snitched on a gang member who shot him back in the day. Could those snitching allegations be connected to why Snoopy Blue is dead?

Did Nina Boy Accuse Spider Loc of Showing Snoopy Blue Fake Love? Video of Nina Boy Reacting to Snoopy Blue Death Goes Viral

In a viral IG live Nina Boy reacted to Snoopy Blue’s death by sending what seemed like a bold message to Spider Loc. Essentially Nina Boy is not happy about people showing fake love to Snoopy Blue, because he is dead. He didn’t mention his name directly, but Spider Loc has been paying homage to Snoopy Blue on social media since hearing the news he passed away, but people remember when Spider Loc exposed Snoopy Blue was snitching allegedly.

For that reason most people feel Nina Boy is talking about Spider Loc showing fake love to Snoopy Blue. Take a listen, and you be the judge of whether Nina Boy dissed Spider Loc.

This could be one those situations where as time goes on the truth behind Snoopy Blue’s death leaves the hip-hop community perplexed out deep the rabbit hole really goes. Did the shooters believe Snoopy Blue was a snitch? Only time will tell.

LA rappers continue be some of the most targeted when it comes to shootings in hip-hop. Prayers up for Snoopy Blue’s family.

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