Three Presidents Dead in Three Countries That Refused the COVID Vaccine Sparks Conspiracy Theory

A scary conspiracy theory is sweeping the net after investigators realized that three presidents are dead in three countries that declined the COVID vaccine. Every country on the planet earth accepted the COVID-19 vaccine except Haiti, Burundi, and Tanzania. Is it a coincidence that all three of their presidents have died under strange circumstances?

The three presidents that have died after refusing the COVID Vaccine are Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza, Tanzania President John Magufuli, and Haiti President Jovenel Moise. Conspiracy theorists believe these three presidents were possibly murdered for declining the COVID-19 Vaccine.

First lets look at the case of Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza. His cause of the death was listed as “Cardiac Arrest”, but it still can’t be explained what caused it.

All Three Presidents Dead in Three Countries Who Declined the COVID Vaccine Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Next lets look at the case of Tanzania President John Magufuli. He died of “heart complications” as well. In Africa he was the main voice of leaders that opposed the COVID-19 vaccine.

Three Presidents Dead in Three Countries That Refused the COVID Vaccine Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Lastly there’s the most recent case of Haiti President Jovenel Moise who was shot in his home. His situation was the strangest, because the people who assassinated him were speaking Spanish before entering his home. In Haiti the official languages are Haitian Creole and French, which indicates the people who murdered him were possibly from an outside country.

Low and behold just today they arrested the alleged mastermind behind the assassination, a 63-year-old man Christian Emmanuel Sanon who was living in Florida.

In this video below you can hear suspects speaking Spanish before they enter his home.

Three countries who declined the COVID-19 Vaccine, all three of their presidents dead. Two of them were of heart related causes, and one is connected with a person who was living in America.

When you think about the conspiracy theories that claim the COVID-19 Vaccine is actually a depopulation experiment, you could see why the three countries who refused to administer it to their citizens would be punished. Conspiracy theorists point out the fact that the survival rate of COVID-19 is right around 99%, but they are promoting an experimental mRNA vaccine that has been proven to potentially cause death in many people, and also the long term effects haven’t been studied. Remember this is the first mRNA vaccine ever administered to the public. With the leaders who opposed it out the way a transfer of power could take place where the successor is someone who willingly give COVID-19 vaccine to their citizens.

It could be a huge coincidence that all three presidents are dead in three countries that refused the COVID-19 vaccine, or it could be a huge conspiracy playing out right before our eyes. The world will probably never know the full truth.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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