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Coffee Tables with Dead Bodies? New Trend of Burying People in Coffee Tables is Creeping Out Social Media

Losing a family member is always a tough thing to go through, and people are always coming up with new ways to keep memories alive when someone is no longer around. Some families have chosen a controversial and horrifying way of burying their deceased relatives. They have preserved their dead bodies in special coffee tables that they display in their living rooms.

Details About People Burying The Dead Bodies of Their Loved Ones in Coffee Tables

The coffee tables are transparent and show the entire corpse of the person inside. The dead bodies are allegedly treated with chemicals and sealed in airtight containers to prevent decomposition and odor.

The photos of these alleged coffee tables have spread on various platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where they have received mixed reactions. Some people have praised the idea as a way of honoring and remembering the dead, while others have criticized it as disrespectful and disturbing.

Many people have expressed their discomfort and disgust at the idea of having a dead person staring at them while they eat, drink, or watch TV. They argue that such a practice is unhealthy for the mental state of the living, as it can cause grief, trauma, or anxiety. They also compare it to having the ashes of a dead person sitting on a shelf, which they find equally creepy.

One of the alleged families that have adopted this trend lives in Jacksonville, Florida. They lost a family member in a car accident, and decided to bury them in a coffee table that they placed in their living room. They allegedly said that they wanted to keep them close to them, and feel their presence every day.

Take a look at some alleged photos of other families who have their loved one’s dead bodies buried in a coffee table.

Coffee Tables with Dead Bodies? New Trend of Burying People in Coffee Tables is Creeping Out Social Media
Image Credit: Facebook

Are the Coffee Tables with Dead Bodies In Them Real?

In case you didn’t notice, the pictures above are possibly AI generated, but the idea of a coffee table with a dead body in it is definitely real. For example, there was a 32 year old man named Jeff Green from Arizona, whose wife named Lucy died at only 29 due to a heart condition.

He had her body preserved in a glass coffee table, that was put in his living room right in front his couch. That allowed him to be around her everyday, despite the fact she was dead.

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