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Here is How a Man Found Out He’s Not the Father of His Daughter After 7 Years Of Being Tricked by His Girlfriend

What would you do if you found the out the life you have been living was based on a lie fabricated by someone you love? That type of situation happened when a man found out he’s not father of his daughter after 7 years of being tricked by his girlfriend.

In the viral video of the incident the man had an emotional breakdown as he told his girlfriend how hurt he was by being lied to about something like having a daughter. He reminisced about pulling out her first tooth, her first birthday party, and other important events in her life, all while his girlfriend knew he wasn’t her real father. The sad part about this is that as he was spilling out his emotions his girlfriend was making light of the situation.

It appears a DNA test proved that his girlfriend lied for 7 years about him being the father of his daughter.

That’s such a tough situation to be in as a parent. His girlfriend is so wrong for lying about something so precious to people.

From the outside looking in all you can hope is that the man continues to be a father to his daughter the same way, even though he now knows they aren’t related.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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