Over the years Bhad Bhabie’s appearance has changed drastically. It started with her new teeth, then people accused her of trying to look like a black woman. Now the allegations are back after she posted a video on Instagram that some people believe is more proof that she’s trying to make people think she isn’t white.

Did Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli Get Plastic Surgery to Look like Dani Leigh? Details about the Video Sparking Skin Darkening, Rhinoplasty, and Jawline Contouring Conspiracy Theories

In a new video Bhad Bhabie shows off her new blonde hair extensions. However, it wasn’t the hair people noticed, but the drastic change of color to her skin and face shape. As you’ll see in the video below Danielle Bregoli’s skin is much darker than it used to be. Some people couldn’t even recognize it was her. On social media people are accusing Bhad Bhabie of trying to look like Dani Leigh. That’s ironic, because DaniLeigh also gets accused of trying to portray herself as a black woman. Is this the result of a plastic surgery procedure on Bhad Bhabie’s face along with a skin darkening regimen? Some people theorized Bhad Bhabie is using tanning injections.

It’s easy to see that not only is Bhad Bhabie’s skin darker, but the overall shape of her face has changed drastically as well. It appears as if Danielle Bregoli had plastic surgery work done on her jawline, cheeks, lips, and nose. If you had never seen her before the fame, many people would think that Bhad Bhabie is a black woman.

Do you think Danielle Bregoli looks like DaniLeigh now? Hopefully she isn’t using experimental tanning injections like Nuka Zeus, because they cause all kinds of health problems.

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